Evangeline Hemrick Website Redesign
Evangeline Hemrick Website Redesign

Website Redesign: A Refreshed and User-Friendly Experience

A new look and feel for Evangeline Hemrick’s Website

Is your online presence reflecting the true essence of your brand? As the digital landscape evolves, so should your website. Evangeline Hemrick understands the importance of staying current and engaging with her audience effectively. That’s why DesignInk Digital is thrilled to showcase the website redesign: a refreshed and user-friendly experience, focusing on an updated look, and strategic elements to enhance her online presence.

Embracing Change with a Time-Appropriate Design

Courses offered by Evangeline on her newly designed website

The revamped website welcomes visitors with a visually appealing and contemporary design. The calming color palette chosen not only reflects Evangeline’s personality but also creates a soothing atmosphere for her audience. The design shift ensures that the website remains timeless, adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape while maintaining a sense of tranquility.

A Self-Starter’s Touch

Evangeline is known for her proactive approach, and the redesigned website mirrors her self-starter spirit. The homepage now radiates a sense of initiative, guiding users seamlessly through the various sections of the site. The layout is strategically organized to provide a clear path for visitors, allowing them to explore podcasts, classes, and other offerings effortlessly.

Updated Call to Actions for Enhanced User Engagement

To encourage user interaction, DesignInk Digital implemented updated call-to-action buttons strategically throughout the site. These buttons are strategically placed to guide visitors towards key sections, such as podcasts, classes, and the upcoming masterclass site. Evangeline’s audience can now navigate with ease, driven by intuitive prompts to explore valuable content.

Evangeline Hemrick website redesign footer, Website Redesign A Refreshed and User-Friendly Experience

Highlighting Podcasts and Classes

Evangeline’s podcasts and classes are now prominently featured on the homepage. The redesigned layout draws attention to these key elements, showcasing the depth and breadth of her offerings. Visitors can quickly access the latest episodes, class schedules, and relevant information, creating a more immersive experience.

User-Friendly Masterclass Site in the Works

DesignInk Digital is currently working on a user-friendly masterclass site that will be seamlessly integrated into Evangeline’s website. Participants will enjoy a personalized dashboard, providing easy access to videos, classwork, examples, and more. The intuitive design ensures a smooth learning experience for every participant.

Streamlined Email Signup with Targeted Funnels

Evangeline has a comprehensive email strategy, and the redesigned website features a streamlined email signup process. Visitors can easily subscribe to receive tutorials, updates, and exclusive content. DesignInk Digital has optimized the email funnels to support and promote Evangeline’s offerings effectively.

Integration of Social Media Feeds

Evangeline’s active presence on Instagram and Facebook is now seamlessly integrated into the website. Visitors can stay updated with her latest posts and engage with the content directly from the site. This strategic integration enhances Evangeline’s ability to self-promote and share valuable information with her audience.

Seamless Course Payment Process

For those interested in Evangeline’s courses, DesignInk Digital has implemented a simple and secure payment process. Users can easily browse available courses, select their desired options, and complete the transaction with confidence. The user-friendly payment system ensures a hassle-free experience for those investing in Evangeline’s valuable content.

Ready for a Change?

Is it time to update your website? Let DesignInk Digital collaborate with you and guide you through the process. Evangeline Hemrick’s journey towards a refreshed, user-friendly website is a testament to the transformative power of strategic design. Embrace change, engage your audience, and elevate your online presence with DesignInk Digital.

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Evangeline Hemrick updated website - Google Review for DesignInk Digital and Ingrid DiPaula

Ingrid is my tech wizard. After 27 years in a massage treatment room with a client, I simply could not have made the online magic happen she has brought to life on my website. She helped me with the layout and design of my first book; taught me how to SEO podcasts and blog articles and now she’s automated my new email campaign like a digital shaman! I’m so grateful for Ingrid and her team and couldn’t take my healing services to the next level online if it weren’t for her expertise, support and wisdom! Thank you, Ingrid!