Underperforming Ads? Time to Pivot

Ads Underperforming? Time to Pivot

At DesignInk Digital, we like results that impact business and therefore make our clients happy. If something isn’t performing according to plan, it’s our job to find a better solution to achieve results. Whether this is website performance, social media marketing, email campaigns or advertising, we’ll work to find a more effective way to reach […]

Mood Boards for Your Business

Mood Boards for Your Business - custom unique website builds

Anyone who has been on sites like Pinterest has probably seen mood boards. Mood boards are a collection of visual materials intended to convey a feeling or essence, and while they’re widely used by artists and hobbyists, they’re also a very useful tool for businesses. Mood boards can be an intuitive way to brand a […]

Got Swag? Promotional Products Can Grow Your Business

The DesignInk Digital logo featured as a sticker pack for a promotional product idea to enhance brand awareness. Research shows customers love swag items.

The next time you go somewhere, take a look around. From the shirts and hats people wear to stickers on water bottles, almost everything we see is advertising space. Promotional products, or “swag,” have become an almost essential advertising strategy. Swag has even been dubbed “Stuff We All Get.” Why would a business want swag? […]

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

Consistency is key: Why it is important to know your brand in detail

Consistency means that your target audience is exposed to core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements on a regular basis, which can help them remember your brand. The practice of consistently delivering messages aligned with the core brand values in the same tone, presenting the brand logo, and repeating the same colors throughout your […]

Guiltless by Shayne

Guiltless by Shayne Shayne had a vision – to create, market and sell the most indulgent low carb, low calorie gluten-free, vegan nutritious cupcake on the planet. Although her vision was clear, she knew she needed to find experts to bring her vision to life and to help her build her e-commerce store. From an […]

Nourished Festival

Nourished Festival offers a gluten free alternative and they needed a new look, and website to accomodate their customers by DesignInk Digital in Boulder, Colorado

Nourished Festival Nourished Festival, is the largest gluten-free, allergy and specialty diet festival in the United States offering a stage for brands to present their products and consumers to enjoy opportunities to safely sample those goodies. Faced with increasing competition and a need to refresh branding, Jen Cafferty, CEO of Nourished Group asked the DesignInk […]

Yoga Loft

Yoga Loft Boulder, Come Grow With Us, Custom Website Development, Social, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Avita Yoga with Jeff Bailey

Yoga Loft Jeff Bailey opened Yoga Loft Boulder in 2012 to bring yoga to the many who need it most. Grounded in the motivating principle that the practice of yoga is for a lifetime, Yoga Loft grew to 2 in person studios with filled-to-capacity classes, a live streaming service and an on-demand membership; all serving […]

Pathogend of New Jersey

Pathogend of New Jersey in the DesignInk Digital portfolio

Pathogend of New Jersey Pathogend® of New Jersey provides hospital-grade, whole space bio-decontamination services. They specialize in high-level disinfection of schools, colleges & universities, ambulances, hospitals, daycare & nursing facilities, businesses and more. With extensive experience decontaminating large facilities on a routine/preventative basis as well as emergency/outbreak responses, Toni and Betsy make it their mission […]

Ingrid DiPaula, CEO and Founder of DesignInk Digital

Meet CEO and Founder of DesignInk Digital, Ingrid DiPaula! She loves being able to inspire clients and deliver more than they ask for.

A brief history: I founded DesignInk Digital in 2008 developing websites, presentations and general graphic design support. We began as DesignInk Boulder, rebranded as Design Digital Solutions and then got smart and went back to our roots as DesignInk Digital. We grew to a team of eight smart, agile, dependable digital creatives by 2014. As […]