Avita Online

Avita Online Avita Yoga Online is an on-demand revolutionary approach to yoga that generates healthy freedom in your body while bringing lasting peace to your mind. Yoga on-demand, anywhere you are. Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga and owner of Yoga Loft studios in Boulder realized that his filled-to-capacity studios would not meet the growing […]

Guiltless by Shayne

Guiltless by Shayne Shayne had a vision – to create, market and sell the most indulgent low carb, low calorie gluten-free, vegan nutritious cupcake on the planet. Although her vision was clear, she knew she needed to find experts to bring her vision to life and to help her build her e-commerce store. From an […]

Avita Yoga

Avita Yoga Avita Yoga® is a methodology that gently identifies restrictions impeding the body’s natural potential for freedom of movement, while simultaneously providing the mode to resolve them. Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga, and owner of a yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado, needed to expand his new yoga practice from the filled-to-capacity studio classes into […]

PCs Pantry

PCs Pantry ecommerce options for your retail business that needs to go digital yesterday

PCs Pantry Mary Lee Withers started PCs Pantry, a boutique bakery and delicatessen for dogs and cats in 1998 in a small house on Walnut Street in Boulder, Colorado. Known for freshly baked treats, biscuits, meatloaves and barkday cakes, PC’s Pantry quickly grew out of a small house to their current retail storefront which sells […]

Evangeline Hemrick

Evangeline Hemrick, Podcaster and healer, Case study, Web Development

Evangeline Hemrick Evangeline Hemrick is a gifted healer, podcaster and writer. Her podcast “Inside The Healing Room” features many outstanding guests and her healing practice was thriving. She wanted to create opportunities to reach more people, expand her remote healing work and develop a website that was a comprehensive sacred online healing space! The DesignInk […]

Haute Touch

Haute Touch Cuisine

Haute Touch Cuisine Renowned chef Greg Boynton has an illustrious history of creating innovative and delectable food. He pours maximum effort and care into each meal he prepares whether it’s for Boards and CEOs of national companies, young newlyweds or local discerning Colorado families. Haute Touch Dinner Tonight and Catering has been Colorado’s premier boutique […]


Salad does not have to be boring - add some Better Than Bacon vegan cheese alternative from Parma - DesignInk Digital created a fabulous ecommerce store, new website and email marketing for Sister River Foods by DesignInk Digital based in Colorado

Parma! Shannon Schnibbe, Founder of parma! the amazing cheesy, vegan food topping brand grew her company from her home kitchen to an international product distributed in major retail stores across North America. The “eatparma” website was antiquated and needed a more modern feel with a vibrant e-commerce user experience to capture discerning customers and to […]

Kaufman Health & Hormone Center

Dr. Karen Kaufman online orders and remote consultation - her website was built by the team at DesignInk Digital in Boulder

Kaufman Health & Hormone Center Kaufman Health and Hormone Center reflects a personalized and comprehensive care model emphasizing the partnership between doctor and patient. While practicing in Boulder, Dr. Karen Kaufman became aware that patients needed and wanted more than what they were receiving from traditional Western Medical healthcare and decided to venture out into […]

Peterson Machining Inc

Peterson Machining Inc. Not just a machine shop

Peterson Machining Machine shop?! No! Peterson Machining Inc., is a bad-ass custom-only machine shop where people and machines create and build custom parts with laser precision and meticulous attention to detail. Custom machined parts range from research instruments, medical parts and even parts that have orbited the sun. Blocks of metal are transformed from prototype […]

Boulder Peak Health

Boulder Peak Health understand their audience and DesignInk Digital built and designed a website to respond to Dr. Silver's needs

Boulder Peak Health Dr. Kiki Silver specializes in helping her patients reach optimal health and performance by using an integrative approach. The Boulder Peak Health website needed an update to demonstrate that comprehensive approach and reach a specific targeted audience. Dr. Silver’s website is now focused on her primary markets, reflecting her specialties with increased […]