Elite Feet USA Updated Site custom orthotics Tammy Harbison
Elite Feet USA Updated Site custom orthotics Tammy Harbison

Elite Feet USA Unveils a Stylish Website Makeover!

Elite Feet USA is excited to announce the unveiling of their revamped online presence, marking a remarkable journey from being DesignInk Digital’s first website client in 2018 to the latest evolution in design. With three redesigns completed, the website now boasts a fresh and updated look that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Elite Feet USA.

What’s the Buzz?

1. Logo and Color Scheme Upgrade

The brand has undergone a visual transformation with an updated logo and a refreshed color scheme. This new aesthetic mirrors the commitment to innovation, professionalism, and, of course, foot comfort.

Elite Feet USA unveils new site including this nice looking footer in new color

2. Rave-Worthy Testimonials

Clients’ experiences take center stage with the latest testimonials gracing the website. Elite Feet USA takes pride in the positive impact they’ve had on their clients, and these firsthand accounts speak volumes about the quality of service.

3. New Footprint in Austin, TX

Elite Feet USA is spreading its wings! In addition to the original offices in Louisville/Boulder, CO, a new office/location in Austin, TX, has been added. This expansion positions Elite Feet USA to better serve clients and continue making strides in the field of foot care.

4. Google Business Listing Update

Locating Elite Feet USA is now a breeze with the updated Google Business Listing, featuring information about the additional office in Austin, TX. The team is just a click away to cater to all foot care needs. DesignInk Digital adds updates as an original client benefit!

Google Reviews for Elite Feet USA

Tammy Takes the Spotlight

Tammy, the driving force behind Elite Feet USA, is hailed as a true professional by her clients. Her dedication and expertise shine through, and now, the website reflects the excellence and care she brings to her clients.

Seamless Online Experience

Elite Feet USA has made it easier than ever for customers to access services. The website continues to allow for online purchases and payments for on-site visits, as well as the convenience of ordering custom orthotics from the comfort of home.

Partnering with Industry Giants

Elite Feet USA Updated Site custom orthotics Tammy Harbison

Elite Feet USA proudly collaborates with prominent names among regular people in her community as well as top athletes in the world, from walkers and hikers to pro golfers and ironman athletes. The commitment to quality has earned the trust of renowned individuals and organizations alike.

At Elite Feet USA, it’s not just about foot care; it’s about elevating comfort and well-being. Thank you for being part of this journey. Explore the new Elite Feet USA website today!