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DesignInk Digital strength is website design and We Build Websites

At DesignInk Digital we build websites. Not cookie cutter websites but beautiful and functional websites, customized for your needs and designed for streamlined user experiences. We know that building your website is an investment and now, with your potential customers and clients conducting billions of searches daily, we know it is even more important to […]

About DesignInk Digital

DesignInk Digital Web Development with Ingrid DiPaula

Meet our website development and digital marketing team. Ingrid, our founder, started our agency in Boulder, CO. Since then we’ve grown to include a satellite network of talented writers, designers, marketers and developers who make up the DesignInk Digital team. We specialize in all aspects of websites created with WordPress, Shopify and custom coding: from […]

Avita Online

Avita Online Avita Yoga Online is an on-demand revolutionary approach to yoga that generates healthy freedom in your body while bringing lasting peace to your mind. Yoga on-demand, anywhere you are. Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga and owner of Yoga Loft studios in Boulder realized that his filled-to-capacity studios would not meet the growing […]

Does the idea of updating your website stop you dead in your tracks?

Does the idea of updating your website stop you dead in your tracks? Get moving and contact DesignInk Digital and ask for Ingrid DiPaula

You’re not alone! Your website is your showcase for your business. Maybe YOU are your business, even if your name is not on your business it is a complete reflection of you and your team and that can be unnerving. Or is it? Your website is the foundation of your advertising, your first opportunity to […]

PCs Pantry

PCs Pantry ecommerce options for your retail business that needs to go digital yesterday

PCs Pantry Mary Lee Withers started PCs Pantry, a boutique bakery and delicatessen for dogs and cats in 1998 in a small house on Walnut Street in Boulder, Colorado. Known for freshly baked treats, biscuits, meatloaves and barkday cakes, PC’s Pantry quickly grew out of a small house to their current retail storefront which sells […]

Peterson Machining Inc

Peterson Machining Inc. Not just a machine shop

Peterson Machining Machine shop?! No! Peterson Machining Inc., is a bad-ass custom-only machine shop where people and machines create and build custom parts with laser precision and meticulous attention to detail. Custom machined parts range from research instruments, medical parts and even parts that have orbited the sun. Blocks of metal are transformed from prototype […]

Nourished Festival

Nourished Festival offers a gluten free alternative and they needed a new look, and website to accomodate their customers by DesignInk Digital in Boulder, Colorado

Nourished Festival Nourished Festival, is the largest gluten-free, allergy and specialty diet festival in the United States offering a stage for brands to present their products and consumers to enjoy opportunities to safely sample those goodies. Faced with increasing competition and a need to refresh branding, Jen Cafferty, CEO of Nourished Group asked the DesignInk […]

Pathogend of New Jersey

Pathogend of New Jersey in the DesignInk Digital portfolio

Pathogend of New Jersey Pathogend® of New Jersey provides hospital-grade, whole space bio-decontamination services. They specialize in high-level disinfection of schools, colleges & universities, ambulances, hospitals, daycare & nursing facilities, businesses and more. With extensive experience decontaminating large facilities on a routine/preventative basis as well as emergency/outbreak responses, Toni and Betsy make it their mission […]

About DesignInk Digital An Agile Digital Agency

DesignInk Digital website design with Ingrid DiPaila and professional team custom elements

Designink Digital is an agile digital agency We get growing pains – we’ve been there and we’re better for it. DesignInk started in 1997 when Founder and CEO, Ingrid DiPaula specialized in presentation graphics “back in the day” when multi-media was still a new idea. And, we haven’t looked back. The company grew from presentation […]

Kyle Niemiec, CDO, Chief Development Officer

Meet Kyle Niemiec, Chief Development Officer at DesignInk Digital! Kyle is a self-taught and self-inspired problem solver and code expert.

Favorite thing about my work: I enjoy that my expertise is self-created and I have a lot of pride in the work that I have put into my journey. I enjoy being able to take normally opaque digital processes and lay out a clear path through them to a particular solution. What inspires me: I […]