The designink digital team siloutte

Meet Our Team!

Ingrid DiPula, Founder of DesignInk Digital has been in the website development business for over 14 years and is the creative force behind the business and the leaders of teh designink digital team

Ingrid DiPaula

Founder, CEO

Zoe Snyder, Renaissance Gal, Do-Gooder, WordPress Improv Optimist at DesignInk Digital, Design Digital Solutions

Zoë Snyder

Designer, Front End Developer

Kathy Stutzman, Wordsmith, Analyticator, User Experience. Chief question asker extraordinaire!

Kathy Stutzman

Wordsmith, Analyticator, UX

Connor DiPaula is a creator, innovator and social media guru with DesignInk Digital team

Connor DiPaula

Social Media Coordinator

Kyle Niemiec, Chief Development Officer at DesignInk Digital, DesignDigital Solutions, full stack developer

Kyle Niemiec

CDO, Chief Development Officer

CiCi Sharstrom develops websites, creates content and creates amazing graphic design with DesignInk Digital Team

CiCi Sharstrom

Designer, Editor & Layout Master


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