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Meet Our Team!

Ingrid DiPula, Founder of DesignInk Digital has been in the website development business for over 14 years and is the creative force behind the business and the leaders of teh designink digital team

Ingrid DiPaula

Founder, CEO

Favorite thing about my work.

I truly enjoy learning about our client’s likes, dislikes, preferences and taking those to create something more than what they asked for. Interpretation and more, kind of a promise less, deliver more type offering.

What inspires me

It could be anything that catches my eye and ears at times. I think of myself as a ‘right-brainer’, someone who thinks in images, so when I see something I get a lock on it and put it in my database to be pulled out at a later time. I may see a sign, something in nature, a color, something on social, on TV (I hit pause and take a photo) and save it for a later use. People with grit inspire me to forge ahead, learn something new and figure out where I can apply it.

DesignInk Accomplishment

I am very proud of our work so it’s difficult to pull one thing out in general. There is something special with each client’s product that I find inspiring. From a logo to an animation or a rebrand that get’s utilized everywhere on the website, in emails, in ads, in social it’s truly wonderful to see.

I believe in our team, in our multi-layered strengths there’s nothing we won’t try to achieve for our customers. It’s true. That’s how we got deeper and deeper into custom website development. Come play with us!

Kathy Stutzman, Wordsmith, Analyticator, User Experience. Chief question asker extraordinaire!

Kathy Stutzman

Wordsmith, Analyticator, User Experience

Favorite thing about my work.

It feels good when I get the job done. When I already and easily know how to solve the puzzle, well, that is easy. And for those times when I don’t know exactly what to do and research or testing is involved and from that, I solve the problem, in a most beautiful way;) , well, that is one definition of ‘satisfaction’ for me.

It’s like weaving together a massive multivariate puzzle to create a story board that describes how the big picture connects and interacts with relevant elements using analytic data, words and images.

What inspires me

I am inspired by others who say – YES, of course…let’s make it so!

DesignInk Accomplishment

Ohhh there are so many things that stand out in my mind of our accomplishments both personally and working together as a team. Overall, it feels like an accomplishment when our clients say, “Oh this is so much better than I could have imagined” that is when I know we have made magic.

I also feel really proud of our work together as a team when we are faced with a complicated problem to solve and then do – being able to say, YES! Of course!, and then make it so, is important in launching dreams.

When you work with DesignInk, you get our whole amazing, talented, smart and creative team and we look forward to bringing your dream, idea or business to the digital space.

Kyle Niemiec, Chief Development Officer at DesignInk Digital, DesignDigital Solutions, full stack developer

Kyle Niemiec

Chief Development Officer

Favorite thing about my work.

I enjoy that my expertise is self-created and I have a lot of pride in the work that I have put into my journey. I enjoy being able to take normally opaque digital processes and lay out a clear path through them to a particular solution.

What inspires me

I inspire myself a lot. I was given a healthy ability to learn things and be athletic, and a lot of the time I really just want to see how far I can go. When I’m not feeling self-inspired, I try to feel inspired for other people and for future generations.

DesignInk Accomplishment

So many cool things. The top cool thing? I don’t know… We had a scalable MEAN app we launched for a client on AWS with all custom code and graphics. Then there is also my P2P code-sharing network I have set up for my company code that seamlessly and instantly saves all my code changes across all my computers.

I’m also really proud of my GitHub activity. I have a dozen projects both public and private that I have solely developed and released here at the company. One of those things would be the top thing. Avita has scaled very nicely.

Zoe Snyder, Renaissance Gal, Do-Gooder, WordPress Improv Optimist at DesignInk Digital, Design Digital Solutions

Zoë Snyder 

Renaissance Gal, Do-Gooder, WordPress Improv Optimist

Favorite thing about my expertise.

One favorite thing about my expertise is the feeling I feel when the actions I take, based upon my years of acquired knowledge, address a concern of the client. That is one very feel-good moment!

What inspires me

I am inspired by kindness, cleverness, and music. I get happy and motivated when people encourage and applaud while saying, “You did it, good job!” Support to win; that feels good. Competition does not motivate me, but support and inclusion does. I see this happening on the TV show ‘The Voice’. I see this happening on the Olympics, and it also happens on our DesignInk team.

Cleverness inspires me, intelligent conversation, or when someone sees an answer that is two steps ahead of me. When I see an inspired character performance, that’s a mesmerizing thing.

DesignInk Accomplishment

Once in awhile things need to get fixed quickly. I am a person who can be called upon in a pinch to go deep and fix an issue. No calls after 3am pls ; )

Sometimes I’ll say about something I am working on that it ‘looks ugly before it looks pretty’; this is often true! I continually smooth over rough esthetic edges and, at the final stretch, the world will see a gentle transformation that makes the entire page/presentation zing.

Connor DiPaula is a creator, innovator and social media guru with DesignInk Digital team

Connor DiPaula

Social Media Coordinator

Favorite thing about my work.

I love creating content and seeing how the content I create affects each audience. The interaction with people is also something I truly enjoy from social media.

What inspires me

Movies and stories inspire me, I love the different visuals that people can create easily with art.

DesignInk Accomplishment

My top accomplishment with Digital Solutions was during the pandemic. Pretty much everything went digital. One client was doing a virtual conference to sell goods. I saw the opportunity to create a virtual Zoom background to help facilitate and show their products when taking meetings or attending a speaker. It was the perfect well branded, natural looking solution. 

CiCi Sharstrom develops websites, creates content and creates amazing graphic design with DesignInk Digital Team

CiCi Sharstrom

Designer, Editor & Layout Master

Favorite thing about my work.

It’s constantly expanding! I love challenges that help me learn new solutions to problems and allow me to think outside of the box creatively.

What inspires me

The creative energy around me, whether it be within my team or the sight of a really nice sunset.

DesignInk Accomplishment

I got outside my comfort zone of logo making and poster design and created my very first client website with DesignInk.


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