We Build Websites

DesignInk Digital strength is website design and We Build Websites

At DesignInk Digital we build websites. Not cookie cutter websites but beautiful and functional websites, customized for your needs and designed for streamlined user experiences. We know that building your website is an investment and now, with your potential customers and clients conducting billions of searches daily, we know it is even more important to […]

Booking Invitation Custom Plugin

One of the questions we keep asking is “when is it appropriate to build a fully custom project?” ie. Booking Invitation Custom Plugin!

A year later down the road, it’s a good time for me to write about our development experiences with our latest custom project and about the Booking Invitation Custom Plugin . One of the questions we keep asking ourselves is “when is it appropriate to build a fully custom project?” It Is one of those […]

How do I start a new conversation with customers on messenger?

How do I create conversations with my customers on messensger Designink Digital has the answers to your burining questions

We were recently contacted by a client who was enjoying diving into and learning about his Facebook Business Page. He has some great engagement and his followers are climbing and he has beautiful content. After mastering integrating events and ticketing from his website to Facebook, Chef Greg Montana started cross-posting between Instagram and Facebook. All […]

Burning Digital Questions? Ask an Expert

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How do I change my password? Why doesn’t my picture look like I want it to on email? How do I decide which keyword to use in an article…and what the heck is “alt text”? The team at DesignInk Digital would love to help you find the answers to these questions and more! Send us […]

Underperforming Ads? Time to Pivot

Ads Underperforming? Time to Pivot

At DesignInk Digital, we like results that impact business and therefore make our clients happy. If something isn’t performing according to plan, it’s our job to find a better solution to achieve results. Whether this is website performance, social media marketing, email campaigns or advertising, we’ll work to find a more effective way to reach […]

Branded Virtual Backgrounds by DesignInk Digital

Attend virtual meeting with peace of mind - your branded virtual backgrounds by DesignInk Digital will be all that your colleagues see.Upgrade your Zoom business experience with a custom branded virtual background created by designink digital

Over the last two years, the office as we know it has changed. More and more people are now working from home or remotely, and virtual meetings on Zoom and Google are the new norm. We’ve all seen the jokes about the funny (and often revealing) things that happen over Zoom calls in the background. […]

What is SEO All About?

SEO, keywords, meta descriptions and alt text…what does all of that mean? And why does it matter? For people and businesses who have a website or social channel …and that’s most of us now, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, means putting up road signs so that specific businesses or services can be easily located by […]

About DesignInk Digital

DesignInk Digital Web Development with Ingrid DiPaula

Meet our website development and digital marketing team. Ingrid, our founder, started our agency in Boulder, CO. Since then we’ve grown to include a satellite network of talented writers, designers, marketers and developers who make up the DesignInk Digital team. We specialize in all aspects of websites created with WordPress, Shopify and custom coding: from […]

Mood Boards for Your Business

Mood Boards for Your Business - custom unique website builds

Anyone who has been on sites like Pinterest has probably seen mood boards. Mood boards are a collection of visual materials intended to convey a feeling or essence, and while they’re widely used by artists and hobbyists, they’re also a very useful tool for businesses. Mood boards can be an intuitive way to brand a […]

Got Swag? Promotional Products Can Grow Your Business

The DesignInk Digital logo featured as a sticker pack for a promotional product idea to enhance brand awareness. Research shows customers love swag items.

The next time you go somewhere, take a look around. From the shirts and hats people wear to stickers on water bottles, almost everything we see is advertising space. Promotional products, or “swag,” have become an almost essential advertising strategy. Swag has even been dubbed “Stuff We All Get.” Why would a business want swag? […]