Booking Invitation Custom Plugin

One of the questions we keep asking is “when is it appropriate to build a fully custom project?” ie. Booking Invitation Custom Plugin!

A year later down the road, it’s a good time for me to write about our development experiences with our latest custom project and about the Booking Invitation Custom Plugin . One of the questions we keep asking ourselves is “when is it appropriate to build a fully custom project?” It Is one of those […]

About DesignInk Digital

DesignInk Digital Web Development with Ingrid DiPaula

Meet our website development and digital marketing team. Ingrid, our founder, started our agency in Boulder, CO. Since then we’ve grown to include a satellite network of talented writers, designers, marketers and developers who make up the DesignInk Digital team. We specialize in all aspects of websites created with WordPress, Shopify and custom coding: from […]

Customize Your DIY Website

DesignInk Digital provides custom web dev for your business DIY website with Zoe Snyder and Ingrid DiPaula

You know your business needs a website. You’ve researched and done a deep dive into DIY websites for small business options. You’ve learned about the difference between hosting, website builders, themes, widgets, plugins and extensions and thoroughly compared costs. And you’ve made your decision; you are going to DIY (do-it-yourself) and build your business website. […]

Avita Online

Avita Online Avita Yoga Online is an on-demand revolutionary approach to yoga that generates healthy freedom in your body while bringing lasting peace to your mind. Yoga on-demand, anywhere you are. Jeff Bailey, Founder of Avita Yoga and owner of Yoga Loft studios in Boulder realized that his filled-to-capacity studios would not meet the growing […]

Guiltless by Shayne

Guiltless by Shayne Shayne had a vision – to create, market and sell the most indulgent low carb, low calorie gluten-free, vegan nutritious cupcake on the planet. Although her vision was clear, she knew she needed to find experts to bring her vision to life and to help her build her e-commerce store. From an […]

Evangeline Hemrick

Evangeline Hemrick, Podcaster and healer, Case study, Web Development

Evangeline Hemrick Evangeline Hemrick is a gifted healer, podcaster and writer. Her podcast “Inside The Healing Room” features many outstanding guests and her healing practice was thriving. She wanted to create opportunities to reach more people, expand her remote healing work and develop a website that was a comprehensive sacred online healing space! The DesignInk […]

Haute Touch

Haute Touch Cuisine

Haute Touch Cuisine Renowned chef Greg Boynton has an illustrious history of creating innovative and delectable food. He pours maximum effort and care into each meal he prepares whether it’s for Boards and CEOs of national companies, young newlyweds or local discerning Colorado families. Haute Touch Dinner Tonight and Catering has been Colorado’s premier boutique […]

Be Trū Wellness

julie Wilson, CEO Be Tru Wellness HEMP high quality products

Be Trū Wellness Be Trū Wellness is a high-end, quality hemp product manufacturer with an upscale loyal retail clientele and a national wholesale business.  With a keen focus on classy marketing and selling with integrity, Be Trū Wellness needed an e-commerce store that provided reliable information, as well as one that could cater to its […]

Yoga Loft

Yoga Loft Boulder, Come Grow With Us, Custom Website Development, Social, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Avita Yoga with Jeff Bailey

Yoga Loft Jeff Bailey opened Yoga Loft Boulder in 2012 to bring yoga to the many who need it most. Grounded in the motivating principle that the practice of yoga is for a lifetime, Yoga Loft grew to 2 in person studios with filled-to-capacity classes, a live streaming service and an on-demand membership; all serving […]

Big Mozz

Big Mozz - mozzarella making classes live and giant mozzarella sticks

Big Mozz   Big Mozz is on a mission to create the best party food ever, served at the most exciting events across the country. From Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg, to music festivals like Celebrate Brooklyn! & Governor’s Ball, and major venues like Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Citi Field, Big Mozz has served millions of orders […]