Favorite thing about my work:

I truly enjoy learning about our client’s likes, dislikes, preferences and taking those to create something more than what they asked for. Interpretation and more, kind of a promise less, deliver more type offering.

What inspires me:

It could be anything that catches my eye and ears at times. I think of myself as a ‘right-brainer’, someone who thinks in images, so when I see something I get a lock on it and put it in my database to be pulled out at a later time. I may see a sign, something in nature, a color, something on social, on TV (I hit pause and take a photo) and save it for a later use. People with grit inspire me to forge ahead, learn something new and figure out where I can apply it.

DesignInk accomplishment:

I am very proud of our work so it’s difficult to pull one thing out in general. There is something special with each client’s product that I find inspiring. From a logo to an animation or a rebrand that get’s utilized everywhere on the website, in emails, in ads, in social it’s truly wonderful to see.

I believe in our team, in our multi-layered strengths there’s nothing we won’t try to achieve for our customers. It’s true. That’s how we got deeper and deeper into custom website development. Come play with us!

Ingrid DiPaula on LinkedIn

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