CiCi Sharstrom, Designer, Editor & Layout Master

Meet CiCi Sharstrom, Graphic Designer for DesignInk Digital! CiCi loves challenges that allow her to think outside of the box creatively.

Favorite thing about my work: It’s constantly expanding! I love challenges that help me learn new solutions to problems and allow me to think outside of the box creatively. The more I can learn the more dynamic I can be, like a Swiss Army knife. What inspires me: The creative energy around me, whether it […]

Connor DiPaula, Social Media Coordinator

Meet Connor DiPaula, Social Media Coordinator with DesignInk Digital! Connor loves connecting with clients and audiences through social media.

Favorite thing about my work: I love creating content and seeing how the content I create affects each audience. The interaction with people is also something I truly enjoy from social media. What inspires me: Movies and stories inspire me, I love the different visuals that people can create easily with art. DesignInk Accomplishment: My […]

Zoë Snyder, front-end developer, WordPress expert, creative

Zoë Snyder of DesignInk Digital continually smooths over rough edges until the final transformation that makes the whole project zing!

Favorite thing about my expertise: One favorite thing about my expertise is the feeling I feel when the actions I take, based upon my years of acquired knowledge, address a concern of the client. That is one very feel-good moment! What inspires me: Simple Efficient Design. When I visit a website, and find the answer […]

Kyle Niemiec, CDO, Chief Development Officer

Meet Kyle Niemiec, Chief Development Officer at DesignInk Digital! Kyle is a self-taught and self-inspired problem solver and code expert.

Favorite thing about my work: I enjoy that my expertise is self-created and I have a lot of pride in the work that I have put into my journey. I enjoy being able to take normally opaque digital processes and lay out a clear path through them to a particular solution. What inspires me: I […]

Kathy Stutzman, Wordsmith, Analyticator, User Experience

Kathy Stutzman wordsmith, analyticator and irratonal optimist at DesignInk Digital in Colorado

Favorite thing about my work: It feels good when I get the job done. When I already and easily know how to solve the puzzle, well, that is easy. And for those times when I don’t know exactly what to do and research or testing is involved and from that, I solve the problem, in […]

Ingrid DiPaula, CEO and Founder of DesignInk Digital

Meet CEO and Founder of DesignInk Digital, Ingrid DiPaula! She loves being able to inspire clients and deliver more than they ask for.

A brief history: I founded DesignInk Digital in 2008 developing websites, presentations and general graphic design support. We began as DesignInk Boulder, rebranded as Design Digital Solutions and then got smart and went back to our roots as DesignInk Digital. We grew to a team of eight smart, agile, dependable digital creatives by 2014. As […]