Consistency is key: Why it is important to know your brand in detail

Consistency means that your target audience is exposed to core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements on a regular basis, which can help them remember your brand.

The practice of consistently delivering messages aligned with the core brand values in the same tone, presenting the brand logo, and repeating the same colors throughout your visual brand elements is known as brand consistency. One of the most critical things brand consistency brings to the consumer is trust. Consumers are also more likely to remember your brand if these features become etched in their memories over time. Remember, well designed websites can build your business revenue.

Three key areas to explore:

Customer experience / Customer Journey – What kind of experience are you offering your customers?

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and follow their journey through either your social media, website or even email experiences. Sign yourself up for emails or any offerings your business has. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it easy to navigate? 
  • Is it visually appealing?
  • Are you being bombarded with information?

Look at your website as a consumer.

  • Look through your website as if you are a customer.
  • Are you finding what you’re looking for?
  • What’s your user experience?

Trouble navigating? Imagine how challenging it can be for a potential customer.

DesignInk Digital can help you streamline and improve your customer user experience (UX)

Customer Journey - Understadning your customers experience
Customer Journey for fitness app aimed at young adults

Consistency, consistency, consistency in brand values and core messaging 

Who is your business? What is your business mission? What is your elevator pitch?

Brand values serve as the foundation upon which a company can be built, as well as the compass by which it can grow and transform. They are the center from which everything expands when used correctly and consistently. A brand’s aesthetic, voice, messaging, and target audience are all part of this. Because of this, your values should be crystal clear; too many can confuse not only you but your consumer too; a simple rule is to stick to 3 – 10. The fewer you have, the easier it is to share a consistent message across the board. If you are struggling with narrowing down your values to be more concise and identifiable, let DesignInk Digital show you how.

Values influence visual assets

Consistent visual brand identity is critical

(colors, logo and universal elements used across your website, social media and print) 

Your customer’s user experience is essential, understanding who you are as a brand and what personality you want to present to the world. It is confusing if your business style/brand doesn’t match. Think of a person: their character is caring, kind, comedic, but knowledgeable. They are a fantastic person to be around, but it takes time to know that about them. Your customers don’t have that time to sit and learn about you; they want to know straight off the bat. This is where your colors and visuals are so important in representing you. 

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