Understanding Your Audience

You’ve got your idea, product or services all ready to go. You are proud of the final result and are passionate about what you have created. You know that your idea is going to be a best-seller. Now all you have to do is build your website and your customers will come…right?!? Well…let’s pause for just a moment and gather just a little more information. Understanding your audience is a good place to start.

Whether you have an e-commerce, lead generation, informational or showcase website, driving high quality traffic is critical for building high-performing sites. Understanding your audience is the first step in building or upgrading your website. 

High Quality Traffic Fuels Conversions and Sales

High quality traffic describes how closely matched the demographics of visitors to your website are to the identified demographics of your target market; the higher the match the higher likelihood of conversions and sales. Quantity of traffic is important to build brand awareness and visibility in the digital space. Quality and quantity of traffic are symbiotic and share a mutually beneficial relationship. And both require a deep understanding of your audience.

High Quantity Traffic Builds Brand Awareness and Visibility

Developing an audience profile is the first step in building the foundation for your website. Understanding how your market accesses information, what their interests are, and what they need that you offer, informs design and content elements for your website as well as optimization and channel integration options. 

Identify Your Target Audience

You have a clear idea about what your product or service is, so now let’s match that with a few unique customer or client profiles. Complete this avatar interview by getting really clear in your mind the person who most needs what you have to offer, and then answer the questions in the avatar interview as if you were that client. 

Understanding Your Audience

To really understand your ideal customer, do a deep dive into their persona. Think about what their responses would be when asked about their life, their interests and what is most likely to get their attention. How do they access information, when and who influences them, what motivates them? Your response to these questions will help you build a unique customer profile that can be used to inform decision-making as you build your brand.

Informed Decision-making

Complete the avatar interview form with the responses. You will receive a copy of the work you complete. Questions about how to effectively use your customer avatar? The DesignInk Digital team is ready to help you incorporate your customer profile into your work.

DesignInk Digital will help you understand your audience