Mood Boards for Your Business - custom unique website builds

Anyone who has been on sites like Pinterest has probably seen mood boards. Mood boards are a collection of visual materials intended to convey a feeling or essence, and while they’re widely used by artists and hobbyists, they’re also a very useful tool for businesses. Mood boards can be an intuitive way to brand a business because they create a sort of snapshot of what a brand should convey.

These branding snapshots can include anything from patterns and color swatches to typefaces, photos, and even physical materials like pieces of fabric, magazine clippings, and more. Though each business is different, in general an effective mood board should include:

  • At least two, if not three, solid typefaces that represent the brand
  • A relevant color palette with 1-4 colors
  • A logo, or general inspiration for the logo
  • Quotes or taglines, whether yours or simply inspirational

Think of a mood board as a collage: each piece is separate but when viewed together they paint a picture of your brand identity.

So why mood board? There are a few benefits to this creative tool. One of the biggest is that you can quickly create something out of nothing. Instead of starting from scratch and agonizing over the direction for your brand, a visual representation will help you get the process going quicker. Additionally, mood boards are very collaborative and it’s easy for your whole team to conceptualize an identity when it’s laid out in physical form. Lastly, they can help you find or maintain direction; if something doesn’t look right, you’ll know it right away and be able to change it.

Check out some of the mood boards from the DesignInk Team:

Are you ready to board but not sure where to start? We can help! From initial color choices and those first typefaces to a finalized, solid brand layout, our creative team at DesignInk Digital is ready to get creative. Start here by filling out our Avatar Interview form.