DesignInk Digital provides custom web dev for your business DIY website with Zoe Snyder and Ingrid DiPaula

You know your business needs a website. You’ve researched and done a deep dive into DIY websites for small business options. You’ve learned about the difference between hosting, website builders, themes, widgets, plugins and extensions and thoroughly compared costs. And you’ve made your decision; you are going to DIY (do-it-yourself) and build your business website.

Plug and Play DIY Websites

Out of the box, do-it-yourself websites are a popular idea these days. Once the research is complete and purchase made; adding pages, and uploading images is pretty basic stuff.  More and more, start-up entrepreneurs can quickly learn the basics and create a plug and play website. Newly out-of-the-box, the site built looks pretty good, and may well provide all the business functionality needed. If that is the case then you need look no further.

Look no further…but let’s read on...

Buying patterns and/or user behavior is varied and unique; and your website needs to reflect those on-going changes. A website’s main priority is to meet the needs of your customers and online store visitors as an extension of your brick and mortar shop or in place of a physical location. What are your customers looking for when visiting your website? This online tool may help you identify more about your customer’s expectations – Customer Interview. The more you know about your website visitors and potential customers – the more readily you can deliver what they are looking for as they visit your online storefront.

Is an out-of-the-box website meeting your needs?

You may have discovered a need for a more robust marketing package.  Or selling your product and being found online has proven to be more challenging than expected. perhaps the traffic that is visiting your website does not reflect your target market. Has your brand identity been washed out in the default options? Or have you found that your business has increased so much that you just don’t have time anymore to keep your website relevant and up to date?

Your business has out-paced your DIY Website

That is great news!


Customization helps elevate and expand your DIY website with specialized web dev tailored just for your unique business needs. Here’s some examples:

  • Need to collect information from buyers before they purchase? Or want to create a branded abandoned cart automator with a sweet coupon offer? Perhaps you need a customized fillable form? 
  • Are you ready to integrate your on-site shipping with the orders on your website? Looking for the perfect branded label and order forms? Or do you want to offer customer-pleasin’ specials and offers?
  • Create evergreen products for passive income.
  • Have you developed products or services that you want to monetize your website by restricting access or offering a pay per play option?
  • You want your logo to be in the background of every page
  • Are you receiving calls and emails asking the same question over and over again? Or are your customers constantly asking where they can find you? Hint: you need a store locator!

Custom web dev saves time and money

Customization is one of our areas of specialization. The DesignInkDigital team creates custom web dev elements to delight and bring your business tangible results. We haven’t met a challenge yet that our team can’t solve. From a light touch to a full on revamp, contact DesignInk Digital to discuss how we might add a little magic customization dust to your website and get back to what you do best – make your customers happy.

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