Answer some questions to get in the mind of your potential customers! Fill out the DesignInk Digital Avatar Interview form.

Wondering where to start when exploring who your audience is? This Customer Avatar Interview helps you get clear about who they are, what they like, how they access information and what motivates them to buy or access services. Understanding your audience is critical to targeting and focusing your digital outreach for maximum impact. Knowing who they are, how they access information, where they shop, and what they need that you have to offer will help you streamline your online efforts. Once you are clear about who your audience is, analytics, heat-mapping and user feedback will help you fine-tune and modify to match actual traffic and to attract different visitors.

To complete this form, put yourself in the “head set” of your ideal customer; think about who they are and get really specific about that “avatar” by answering the questions in this interview as if you were them.

What will your avatar interview reveal?

Have fun with this, let go of any judgement, and complete this three times for three different types of ideal customers. When you complete and submit, you will be sent a copy of your work. After you have completed all three avatar interviews, breathe for a few minutes and then review with a fresh set of eyes. Compare the responses with your digital plan…evaluate, modify, act and evaluate.

  • Demographics; Identify 'Who?'

  • Name, age, gender, location
  • Married, single, children, pets
  • Job role, status, company type, passion
  • Income, assets, homeowner, etc
  • Interests; Define 'How?' What interests your client?

  • Education, training
  • Sports, leisure, social, interests
  • Stores, clubs, events, groups; online and offline
  • Media, brands, personalities
  • Pains; Clarify 'What?' will engage them?

  • What's causing an issue today or right now?
  • What are the big problems that are getting in their way?
  • What are the most obvious negative points about your product or category?
  • Where do purchasing pressures come from?
  • Gains; Understand 'Why' they will buy.

  • What would a 'good' outcome look like for them?
  • What are the emotional responses associated with that result?
  • In terms of their personality and character.
  • How do they see your product or service contributing to their desires and outcomes?
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