Ads Underperforming? Time to Pivot

At DesignInk Digital, we like results that impact business and therefore make our clients happy. If something isn’t performing according to plan, it’s our job to find a better solution to achieve results. Whether this is website performance, social media marketing, email campaigns or advertising, we’ll work to find a more effective way to reach the audience.

Recently we have been working with our client Pathogend of New Jersey on an advertising campaign for a local community network Patch of New Jersey. After the initial launch – the campaigns were not delivering the desired results during the pre-determined time frame. While solid ad delivery can take months to gain the traction required to achieve the desired results, this particular campaign was expected to hit its stride in a shorter period of time.

The first step — analyze the data.

The Designink Digital team immediately reviewed the analytics to identify the problem; reviewing the ad sizes, copy, times of delivery, CTR, impressions, placement, geo-targeting data and behavior of visitors who responded to the CTAs. This review was a deeper dive than regular campaign monitoring. We re-visited the campaign goals, strategies and anticipated results. Our team wanted to identify what wasn’t working.

Were the ads too vague? Was the design not catchy? Was the messaging on point? Our client loved the way the ads stood out, but this was not a brand awareness campaign, this was a campaign that needed to net sales. We evaluated our platform, audience and market. And finally, we reviewed ads that perform well on Patch, and compared them to the initial campaign. And then the team brainstormed. The Designink Team has a wide range of creatives onboard and brainstorming is the ultimate playtime.

The next step? Time to pivot!

How can we communicate our message more creatively?

We took into consideration what we know about our client and their voice. Pathogend of New Jersey wants to convey that they are trustworthy, hard-working and effective at whole space disinfection against COVID 19, MRSA Norovirus along with an entire slew of other bad actors. And, they also have an EPA certified 6 log kill rate – which is a big deal in the hospital-grade bio-decontamination world. Since Pathogend of New Jersey is owned by two sharp, experienced women we thought…

Who better to represent this idea than the iconic Rosie the Riveter?

A new campaign was born with a new color palette, imagery and messaging.

Two Audiences, Two Services, Two Campaigns

In addition to reaching a general, residential audience on Patch, Pathogend of NJ also needed to reach businesses that are in the market for monthly disinfection and decontamination to keep their workplace safe and their employees healthy. For those listings this called for a different ad approach with different sets of goals, audiences and messaging focused on a simpler, more businesslike campaign.

The new campaigns delivered no more underperforming ads!

Within the first week of the publication of the new ad campaigns the CTR’s exceeded all expectations, including Patch’s anticipated norms. It’s never too late to pivot, especially if you have underperforming ads. Do the deep dive and then ask the tough questions. Not sure where to start? Use this complimentary Avatar (audience) guide to help you identify your target market.

Are you looking for ways to improve your ad results? Let’s do the deep dive together.

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