Struggling with social content - repurpose!
Struggling with social content - repurpose!

Struggling with your social content? Repurpose!

You know that when it comes to the digital space – content is king. And yet how do you create the volumes of content required to run effective social media campaigns? There is no need to struggle with your social content – repurpose!

Plan ahead – there is no need to scramble to create social content

Repurposing content means taking content that already exists and modifying it to fit a new use or in a new way. Your business can reuse and refresh content that has already been created with minor changes to fit the social platform on which it will be published. Reusing already existing content allows you to easily produce and schedule consistent social content across all of your channels.

Identify the right social channels for your audience

Think about the different social channels you are currently using. Here is a list of some of the available channels you may already be engaged with:

  1. Customer Touchpoints. Select 3-5 channels to dominate; there is no need to publish on all available channels – just the ones that your audience accesses.
  2. What channels are you getting the best reaction from?
  3. Is there a common thread within those doing well and those that are not doing well?
  4. Is your social content engaging your target audience?
  5. What are the analytics telling you? Your goal when publishing social content is to capture your target market’s attention and make them pause.

Customize content

Social channels have their own unique language and that will require you to be flexible and customize. Hash tags, call outs, pins, pings and tags all provide direction about how your content should be delivered and to whom within each channel. Once you have selected the right social channels you will customize the repurposed content so that it fits the language of the selected channel. For example: LinkedIn posts do well with #hashtags identifying the topics included in the content and @callouts to share with your colleagues while Instagram posts are image driven.

Consistency is key

Your audience demands consistency across all platforms. Consistency provides comfort, visibility, and build brand loyalty. Repurposing content is an easy way to ensure you are giving them consistency. Select one element, a logo, an image, a key-phrase of the original article to weave throughout the social channels.

Be efficient

Select the original article and identify the assets associated with the content; images, title, categories, tags, key phrases and text. Use a spreadsheet to plot out which elements will be published on which channels – for example – the article’s featured image will be used on Instagram where images rule, and the article’s key phrases will drive the LinkedIn #hashtags.

When you create any content for your business – chop the assets into channel appropriate pieces and schedule this social content to be used across your identified channels for weeks in advance!

TIP: when publishing repurposed social content ALWAYS link back to the original article.

Repurpose Existing Content:

  • Plan ahead when creating content
  • Identify channel – where are you going to repurpose the content?
  • Customize content – what is the language of the social channel?
  • Maintain consistency – what element will maintain a thread of consistency?
  • Be efficient and think smarter – plot and schedule your repurposed content.

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