Copyright-Free Images Don’t Have to Be Boring

Copyright free images don't have to be boring - here's some suggestions for finding your perfect image by DesignInk Digital

It goes without saying that when it comes to internet content, images are everything! Think about it: more than half of the content you scroll through in a day is image-based, whether it be a still image or a gif. Having impactful imagery on a website or social media profile is essential, but wait! Are […]

Struggling with your social content? Repurpose!

Struggling with social content - repurpose!

You know that when it comes to the digital space – content is king. And yet how do you create the volumes of content required to run effective social media campaigns? There is no need to struggle with your social content – repurpose! Plan ahead – there is no need to scramble to create social […]

Does the idea of updating your website stop you dead in your tracks?

Does the idea of updating your website stop you dead in your tracks? Get moving and contact DesignInk Digital and ask for Ingrid DiPaula

You’re not alone! Your website is your showcase for your business. Maybe YOU are your business, even if your name is not on your business it is a complete reflection of you and your team and that can be unnerving. Or is it? Your website is the foundation of your advertising, your first opportunity to […]