Young woman eating a sandwich and looking to the side at her watch
Young woman eating a sandwich and looking to the side at her watch

Understanding E-A-T and The Impact on Your SEO in 2024

Your level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) plays a significant role in how high you rank with search engines. Since one simple search can yield hundreds of results, you need to take advantage of everything you can to make yourself stand out from the competition. 

This article will help you understand E-A-T and the heavy impact it can have on your SEO in 2024.

Understand E-A-T

So, what exactly is E-A-T? The idea behind it is all about positioning your brand as an expert authority figure that your customers can trust. The concept has been around for quite some time, evolving alongside digital marketing strategies. Here’s a closer look at its key factors.  


Demonstrate in-depth knowledge about your industry and be willing to share with others. The content that you post on your website should be full of valuable information — citing credible sources, studies, industry reports, and even insights from other experts. Prove you are an expert in your field. 

Stay up-to-date on the current happenings in the industry with routine updates to keep your content relevant. 


Stand out from the crowd. Be an authority figure in the industry and someone that your customers can trust. You also want Google and other search engines to recognize this leadership role, resulting in higher rankings. 

What’s more, when you are authoritative, others look to you as someone they can trust, including others in your field. This can lead to an increased number of backlinks. And, in turn, will boost your SEO — especially if it is from a well-known reputable source. 


Trust is integral in any relationship, including the one you have with your future customer. Your online presence should contain nothing but professional, thoughtful interaction. 

The way you present yourself speaks volumes, as well. For instance, being honest about who your brand is and what it values can provide transparency. Your website should relay this message, giving the reader a clear idea of your company with a polished, optimized web experience. 

E-A-T’s Focus on Your 2024 SEO Strategy

Where should your focus be when it comes to E-A-T in 2024? Your SEO strategy should still be working towards lifting your brand as an expert in the field while maintaining trust. This year, there is a greater focus on quality content rather than strictly looking at keywords. Below are a couple of things you can implement. 

Make the effort to create high-end content that addresses all aspects of your industry. Take specific keywords and use them as an opportunity to discuss important, valuable topics that will engage your customers. Be authentic so that they will begin to see you as an expert, slowly securing trust. 

  • Revamp your website to include certain factors that will boost your credibility by adding testimonials and reviews where they can easily be seen on your website.
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that it looks professional, too. 
  • Introducing your team can add the human factor which can escalate feelings of trustworthiness. 

And, of course, continue to update it regularly, providing the latest information in your field. 

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