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Hey all, these will be our first posts on the new website--Our Team. I know you will put some thought into this and remember you can always update if necessary. Thank you -- and I sincerely mean it.
  • Please fill out your form one more time as I am sure things have changed in the past 18 months! Share something else if you like. This will be on the website with your chosen photo. If you want to update your photo send it to
  • This could be what's on your business card, or something new! What you prefer
  • This can be anything (PC and PG) Is it a font? A saying? A person? An experience? Something you read?
  • Something that stands out in your memory and/or that you're most proud of.
  • These will be on your post with you! It could be anything! Whatever it is, it represents you. You know where you can go to change it in the future too.
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