Favorite thing about my expertise:

One favorite thing about my expertise is the feeling I feel when the actions I take, based upon my years of acquired knowledge, address a concern of the client. That is one very feel-good moment!

What inspires me:

Simple Efficient Design. When I visit a website, and find the answer to my questions easily and fast, that is a feel-good moment; almost as if they read my mind! The designer deliberately included consideration of the user in her design. Being a web developer/designer myself, I can appreciate simple efficient design from the user perspective, and from the behind-the-scenes backend perspective.

I am also deeply inspired by kindesss, and cleverness.

DesignInk Accomplishment

At this time, the DesignInk accomplishment I almost proud of is the organization I applied yoga video class series. There were over 200 videos in this series that were edited and organized. Aside from the video editing, and numerous (and delightful) video entrance graphics, and audio finagling, it was the exhaustive spreadsheets I created as I went along that served many. Being quickly able to locate specific info (a raw video source, or final url) served us and the client many times over.

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